[PD] low pass filter for floats

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Thu Oct 9 11:33:20 CEST 2008

> Sorry if this might seem ignorant, but would it be an idea to make
> [lop], [hip] and so on objects for convenience sake to come with the
> distribution that would go alongside the names the audio objects? This
> might only be me being used to the supercollider syntax of adding a .ar
> (for audio, or ~) or .kr (for control, float) after the object/class
> name.

i don't think, it is feasible to write straight-forward objects for 
message filtering ...

pd has no notion of control rate, as supercollider or csound have ... 
messages can be used to emulate control rate signals, however there is no 
guarantee that control rate events occur monotonic, nor a way to figure 
out its sampling rate

by downsampling subpatches you can probably get close to the semantics of 
control-rate in other systems, although it might lack some expressive 

best, tim

tim at klingt.org

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