[PD] low pass filter for floats

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Oct 10 17:50:36 CEST 2008

On Oct 9, 2008, at 5:33 AM, Tim Blechmann wrote:

>> Sorry if this might seem ignorant, but would it be an idea to make
>> [lop], [hip] and so on objects for convenience sake to come with the
>> distribution that would go alongside the names the audio objects?  
>> This
>> might only be me being used to the supercollider syntax of adding  
>> a .ar
>> (for audio, or ~) or .kr (for control, float) after the object/class
>> name.
> i don't think, it is feasible to write straight-forward objects for
> message filtering ...
> pd has no notion of control rate, as supercollider or csound have ...
> messages can be used to emulate control rate signals, however there  
> is no
> guarantee that control rate events occur monotonic, nor a way to  
> figure
> out its sampling rate
> by downsampling subpatches you can probably get close to the  
> semantics of
> control-rate in other systems, although it might lack some expressive
> power
> best, tim

I think [lop] and [hip] could be handy.  As for the control rate  
issue, the mapping library has [resample] for this purpose.  If you  
want to ensure a steady message rate, using something like [resample  


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