[PD] Building Externals

carmen r _ at whats-your.name
Sun Oct 12 00:57:00 CEST 2008

> 'externals' cannot be self-sufficient since it will always depend on the 
> headers in 'pd'.

the existing scripts were smart enough to find m_pd.h (and the other headers) alonside externals/, or its parent directory

see miXed/ it still works that way

the issue is you introduced dependencies on several new toplevel dirs for no good reason

and broke up the modularity of the makefiles

all i'm asking is /scripts and /packages can descend in, and do what they need, without requiring stuff inside to depend on new toplevel stuff

and same for the external makefile - the per-project bits should go in individual Makefiles in the projects, and the top level should just glob them all and make in each (or the dirs specified)

> Most of this organization is bourne of the fact that only Miller can  
> modify the 'pd' section.

well, the extra/ portion of miller's PD should go away too

anyways, im not sure i can log in to the new SVN. im just amazed at how broken everything stil is

i cant even launch PD without it killing all keyboard input (even to Tk/pd-gui itself) until using the mouse to exit.

and it _still_ doesnt find ALSA by default on launch

and the configure script _still_ cant find jack.h


oh well, unsubscribing. have fun in your broken paradise

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