[PD] pix_preview and pd

lluisgomez at hangar.org lluisgomez at hangar.org
Mon Oct 13 23:33:22 CEST 2008


Quoting Daniel Almeida <int86 at yahoo.com>:

> Hello LLuis,
> Thank you very much! I'll try it, and if possible, I'll work on it.

of course!!! it could be nice to have more approaches on this topic ...

> Do I need to have GEM and PD compiled?

no. i think the pix_preview.pd_darwin work's with the pd-extended package.

you will need gem and pd sources if you want to compile you own  
pix_preview.pd_darwin, but you don't need to compile them (i think).

> I'm having a bit trouble  compiling both! The Xcode project doesn't  
> work! and PD fails to  compile using "make"

aha ... i can't help you here, macOS is not my system (and will not;).  
i'm getting some skills on it cause it's a unix-like system but still  
i'm a newbee compiling on macOS. but anyway, just do it, and share  
your experience here.
here we have some macOS guru's :)

> Daniel

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