[PD] PD on Iphone/Palm, etc.

Jean-Noël Montagné jnm at rom.fr
Fri Oct 17 10:41:01 CEST 2008

Hello from real world,

>>  As several of you might already know, now it is official.
>>  Check this out:
>  http://rjdj.me
>>  A fully functional Pd just hit the iphone appstore, and you can create
>>  Pd patches
>>  with the system and run them on the iPhone.

I really appreciate that some of you, developpers, like to invent PD 
devs for such mobile devices. Great developpements. Big fun. But you 
spend a lot of time for those games for rich, for an elite. In many 
countries, just the price of an Iphone and accessories is enough to 
feed one starving family FOR A YEAR !
[For the first time ever, this year, this evening, about 850 million 
humans will go to bed hungry, like yesterday, and may be tomorrow].
When some of our best PD brains are working (with FLOSS) for few 
riches only, it is a mystery for me.

BUT some PD-developpements for handheld devices have been done to run 
PD on small CPUs: has someone succeeded in installing PD on an OLPC 
XO ? I have no competency to do it, but if some people in france want 
to try, we have some XO available in the hackerspace tmp/lab in 
Vitry. Contact OLPC-france.


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