[PD] d-median (a running median) + d-for (a for loop)

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Oct 17 17:25:46 CEST 2008

Damian Stewart hat gesagt: // Damian Stewart wrote:

> personally i find sends and receives to be a mixed blessing. on the one 
> hand they get rid of unnecessary patch cords, but on the other hand they 
> make it much less clear to see what's going on with the execution order. 
> (what happens to the execution order when you do a message send/receive, 
> anyway? 

Nothing. The execution order is not affected by sends and receives.

I didn't change that much actually: I only introduced three or four
sends like for current position and for the new value, also I changed
the backwards stop connections into a send "$0-stop". But of course it's
confusing for you now as you've been into the old version a lot deeper
that I was. I also replaced many fanning connections because they make
me nervous. ;) I also left-aligned almost everything for clarity.

Normally I like it if there are lots of verbosely named subpatches when
dealing with a complicated algorithm, i.e.:

 [pd initialize]
 [pd increment-timetag]
 [pd send-new-x-value]
 [pd loop-backwards-through-arrays]
 [pd check-for-old-value]
 [pd insert-sorted]
 [pd output-median]

I wanted to make the patch clearer by separating stuff into more
subpatches like this, but then I broke it. :(


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