[PD] PD on Iphone/Palm, etc.

Gunter Geiger geiger at xdv.org
Sat Oct 18 14:44:27 CEST 2008

Hi Yves,

We got you :) its not 2 $, its 2.99, which is about 3 $. Old  
capitalist trick.

Anyhow, the application itself is free, what we do is charge for  
scenes. Thats why there is RJDJ-single, which can
be perfectly be used by pd patchers. Our website has the instructions  
on how to create and upload new scenes.

We plan to release more scenes, free ones and cheap ones, the creator  
can decide, basically.

Good news is that RJDJ also works on the 2nd generation ipod touch,  
which makes it pretty accessible for
about everyone. You will have to buy a headset with integrated  
microphone and then you can start patching.
The price of these devices is about 250 Euros, which I think is not  
that expensive.



I also had an idea how to save indian kids, everytime we go out we  
could just drink one beer less,
and spare that money for indian kids instead of cutting down on our  
creative possibilities.

On Oct 18, 2008, at 1:29 PM, ydegoyon wrote:

> ydegoyon wrote:
>> but nobody noticed ?
>> RJDJ can be downloaded for the modest price
>> of 2 euros....
>> err, where's the bug, you or me?
> sorry if that sounded agressive,
> it's perfectly allright to ask 2 euros
> to some people who put 200 euros
> in a b**** telephone.
> with that money,
> you can also pay a shelter
> for a month to an indian kid from the street.
> the real problem is that the Open Moko
> doesn't have a camera !
> ( anyway i wouldn't buy any of this devices,
> i don't like pictures )
> alvida!
> sevy
>> sevy
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