[PD] Debugging sound

David F. Place d at vidplace.com
Sat Oct 18 23:25:36 CEST 2008


So, I've created some complex Pd patches that do what I want very
nicely.  I decided to write some of my creations to CD.  Listening to
the selections on my good CD player with excellent headphones, I heard
some acoustical artifacts that I hadn't noticed when I was working in
front of my computer listening through speakers.   This extra "buzzing"
sound is quite annoying.  It's hard to imagine how my patches are making
it.   Does anyone have any wisdom about how to track down and fix these
kind of problems?  Are there any usual things you check first?

At first, I thought it might be the process of transferring the ".wav"
files to a CD-R, but when I listen with headphones, I can hear it
directly from my dacs (Edirol UA-25).  It doesn't matter if I set the
sampling rate to 96000.   I thought [freeverb~] might be adding the
sound, but when I bypass freeverb I still hear it.  My basic sound
producing algorithm is derived from the exponential waveshaping example
in the documentation.   Maybe there is some marginality or limitation to
that approach that I don't understand?

Well, thanks for reading.  Even if you don't have any ideas for me, I
think it would be interesting to hear stories about how people have
tracked down and fixed their own sound "bugs."


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