[PD] error with PD-file

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Sun Oct 19 13:07:54 CEST 2008

Hi again Philippe,

OK, I see from a previous message that you have OSX. Of course, this 
doesn't mean you can't Google there also ;-)

But, in short, here:


I see the following:

> Some large bittorrent files will be composed of hundreds of smaller .rar files. If the total number of files in a torrent is over 256, OS X bittorrent applications will fail with the "too many open files" error. This is because by default, OS X applications have a maximum limit of 256 open files. To get around this, in a terminal type:
> ulimit -n 2000
> Use 2000 or some other suitably large number. Then launch your bittorrent application from the same terminal window by cd'ing into the package, etc. Note that this will not work unless your application is launched from the same terminal.
> There is probably a way to insert the ulimit statement into a logon script so that the effect is systemwide, but as of yet I haven't figured it out.

So is it possible that you opening more than 256 patches at once? 
Anyways, using ulimit when you open PD from the command line is only a 
workaround. If this bug is new for PD 0.43 I'd suggest downgrading to a 
more stable version (heck, I still only trust 0.39!!!!) and filing a bug 
report on the bleeding-edge one.


philippe boisnard wrote:

> I try to load a file pure data (0.43), which is created with the  
> precedent version of PD-extended (0.39), and I have a big problem.
> PD doesn't load all subpatchs, and when I want to call subpatch, I  
> have this message on console : "too many open file".

Derek Holzer

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