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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Oct 19 13:48:42 CEST 2008

Derek Holzer hat gesagt: // Derek Holzer wrote:

> just out of curiosity, since I don't have these abs in front of me, do 
> they work with oversampling or with bandwidth-limited wavetables? The 
> LADSPA BLOP oscillators do it very efficiently with wavetables, more 
> efficiently than Miller's oversampling strategy, and I used them on 
> Linux with [plugin~] very successfully. Also, does the square wave do 
> Pulse Width Modulation?

You could also apply the antialiasing strategy of the last chapter in
Miller's book ("transition splicing"). I wrapped this up into the
abstractions splicetrans~.pd and trapez~.pd which are available in the
list archive. They are cheap, sound really good to my ears - and they
can be pw-modulated with audio signals, if you want.

They only replace jumps in a signal as in a square wave with band
limited transitions, and pass corners as in a triangle wave unchanged.
But that's not too dangerous, as corners are rather harmless in regard
to aliasing.

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