[PD] error with PD-file

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Sun Oct 19 14:08:27 CEST 2008

Hi Philippe,

The problem is of course how Pd interacts with the operating system, 
which seems stable in 0.39 in this respect and unstable in 0.43.

The "operating system" way to workaround this restriction is use the 
strategy discussed on the bittorrent site I already quoted. Open the 
terminal and type:

ulimit -n 2000

or maybe instead:

sudo ulimit -n 2000

then type:


Or Google around for a way to increase your ulimit amount for all 
applications. Keep in mind that this could allow a runaway app--such as 
an unstable new version of Pd for example--to really slow down or crash 
your whole system!

The "Pd way" would be to not use so many abstractions. Is it really that 
you have all these autonomous elements as subpatches or are they 
actually abstractions? I can't see how subpatches (sections within a 
single Pd file) would cause this problem with running out of file 
handles, but opening 300 abstractions (individual Pd files) might easily 
do that. Consider converting abstractions to subpatches whenever possible.

Also, do you *really* need such a testing version of Pd? Let the Pd devs 
crash their heads against their keyboards fixing 0.43 for a while longer 
before trying to get usable results out of it.


philippe boisnard wrote:

> But it seems that it's not a problem with OSX
> because, PD 0.39 runs with OSX, and I have no problem with this patch (I 
> have very many subpatches, I don't knwo, perhaps more than 300, because 
> it's a video creation with many autonomous elements, for example 
> letters), I have re-installed 0.39.
> The problem is with 0.43, which doesn't accept man subpatchs in a patch.
> Perhaps, some one have a solution to debug this restriction ?

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