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Jean-Noël Montagné jnm at rom.fr
Mon Oct 20 12:47:38 CEST 2008

Residency: wanted software developer

For a new Artist in Residence project at 
[ars]numerica (Montbéliard Cedex, France; 
www.ars-numerica.net), media artist Sonia Cillari 
is looking for a software developer for a period 
of 5 weeks. The starting date is beginning of 
February 2009.
Requested: fluidity in a wide range of languages 
and tools, understanding of both software and 
hardware sides of creative projects with digital 
media. C/C++, OpenGL, Ogre, 3D programming, PD, 
physics simulation, computer vision, sound 
The timeframe of the project is in consultation 
with the artist. More information is available on 

If you're interested, please contact:
Yasmina Demoly (chargée de production 
[ars]numerica): mina ( at ] ars-numerica.net
Sonia Cillari (www.soniacillari.net): sonia.cillari ( at ] gmail.com

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