[PD] Scope of [block~] and [switch~]

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Oct 21 09:17:43 CEST 2008

Charles Henry wrote:
> only tricky part about it, is that the method to perform
> interpolation/extrapolation on the zero-padded signal depends on the
> upsampling ratio.   A separate object would have to be passed (or
> query for) the upsampling ratio.

yes, but this shouldn't be over-tricky.

> So, I would favor an optional creation argument for specifying an
> interpolation method in place of the zero-interleaving step.

this is already there.
you can specify via creation args to in/outlets which "interpolation" 
you want: currently only zero-interleaving and sample and hold are 

as far as i understand miller (in previous posts), he doesn't really 
like this approach, as all future resampling methods would have to go 
into Pd's core rather than being available as externals.

by now i can agree to this (despite my original idea that has made it 
into the code).
as you say, the only thing needed would be a complete description of the 
signal-properties (resampling factor, overlap factor) made available for 
externals. then they could figure out themselves what they need.
(well, this works if you have an upsampled subpatched; i guess it is a 
bit more clumsy if you have a downsampled subpatch (e.g. you do the 
upsampling outside).
also an object to query these properties would be handy.

there has been a related feature request for ages:


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