[PD] pure-pd default creation argument mechanism

Damian Stewart damian at frey.co.nz
Wed Oct 22 10:11:44 CEST 2008


i've built a [d-default] object which provides default arguments in case 
creation arguments aren't specified. eg if you want $2 to have a default 
value of 0.5, you can just say [d-default $2 0.5] - then if $2 is 
specified, it will output $2 on load, otherwise it will output 0.5. have a 
look at [d-default-help] in the attachment to my previous message (subject 
'd-triad, d-note, ..') for an example.

at the moment, though, there is a problem, which is that the way the 
defaulting mechanism works, you cannot override a non-0 default value with 
0, since '0' is the value that $-arguments get if they are not specified. 
i've tried replacing this with symbols. i want to get around this, if 
possible, because it would be nice to be able to override non-zero 
arguments with zeroes.

now, basically, inside [d-default] it works like this:

[f $1]
[== 0]
[sel 1 0]
|      |
[f $2] [f $1]
| _____/

i tried replacing with symbols (as in [d-default-symbol]) (thanks to Chris 
McCormick for this):

[symbol $1]
[select $1]
|         |
|         [bang(
|         |
[f $1]    [f $2]
| ________/

but this doesn't work with overriding non-zero with zeroes either..

any advice appreciated :-)


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