[PD] workshop in fribourg / switzerland

Pierre Spring pierre.spring at liip.ch
Thu Oct 23 13:48:19 CEST 2008

hi all,

in the beginning of november, we are planning 3 days of workshop  
around hacking and opensource in fribourg, switzerland.

the reason i am writing to the list, is that we'd love to have a pd  
enthusiast who would come and present pd, followed by a little  
workshop where everyone could set up pd and do their first steps with  

would this be the right place to look for s.o. like that?

we are an association called "hackburg" in fribourg/switzerland that  
aims to set up a hackspace here in fribourg [1]. while still looking  
for the right location, we try to arganize semi-annual workshops  
around hacking and open source software...

if i caught your interest, i would be more than pleased to give you  
further information about all of it ;)

yours ... pierre
[1] http://hackburg.ch
Liip AG // Rte de la Fonderie 7 // CH-1700 Fribourg
Fon 026 4222511 // Key id 0x5BF5F8FA // www.liip.ch

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