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Koray Tahiroglu koray.tahiroglu at taik.fi
Fri Oct 24 12:52:53 CEST 2008

Hello Thomas,

I have been conducting doctoral research at Media Lab University of  
Art and Design Helsinki since 2004. The content of my research  
matches almost all the keywords you mentioned. Artistic point of view  
probably will lead you follow artistic and more experimental  
methodologies. Combining your studies and knowledge with artistic  
practices are quite new comparing to general scientific ones,  
therefore not all the institutions are willing to offer these as   
doctoral research methodologies. Almost all the Nordic countries, ( I  
know at least Finland-Sweden-Denmark) and UK give full program to  
artistic research projects. Here in Helsinki institutions are also  
well integrated among each other,  if you are studying at one place,  
you can easily attend any seminars in another places and use their  
facilities.  It is your responsibility to find who will supervise to  
your research. He/she does not need to be from Finland at all, but  
they would probably recommend you to have at least one of your  
supervisors from Finland to maintain regular meetings. Helsinki is  
cold and dark but, New Media, experimental music has its own valuable  
scene here both in academic and artistic means. There are also lots  
of Pd-people in Helsinki, not that much in touch with each other, but  
using Pd heavily in their projects :) If everything will go fine, I  
might have my defense day in this December, and I will move back to  
Helsinki as well to work further on my things :)

good luck with your PhD prog-search,


M.Koray Tahiroglu
Media Lab,TAIK
tel: +358 50 939 0233 (in Finland only)
tel: +90 533 712 8245

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> Hey all,
> since i'm planning to start a PhD in the near future i'm trying to
> figure out which institution would fit best to my (currently rather
> blurry) intentions.
> I'd like to research real-time interaction with electronic media
> (emphasis on music), mostly from an artistic point of view.
> Keywords would be digital representation of musical structure
> elements/intentions/ideas, interaction with other performers,
> improvisation/anticipation, interfaces of the physical to the virtual
> world, etc.
> Media and music/art theory would be important, media technology
> should _not_ be the main focus. It would be great if the supervisor
> is an active, renowned artist or specialized theoretician.
> Europe would be preferred, overseas possible nevertheless.
> any pointers?
> many thanks,
> Thomas

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