[PD] method for loading/unloading multiples image in gem?

stefan stefanpiat at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 00:16:00 CEST 2008

hi list!
I'm trying to build a patch for :
- record a video stream (pix_video) and create .tif files (pix_write)
is it possible to record the video stream frame by frame without render the
video? or must i wait for pix_image_write?

-Then I want to open these files to create loops who changes dynamically in
function of the new .tif files recorded
but it is very cpu expensive to open and close .tif files one after another
to recreate dynamically a video (with pix_image)
I have also try pix_buffer, but the size of the buffer must defined in
advance (or maybe i don't know pix_buffer enough)
And with pix_multiimage I don't succed to create a number with 000001 as
pix_write does when he create the tif files

if someone have an idea?

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