[PD] scrolling image and glCopyTexImage2D

Florian Grond grond at zkm.de
Sun Oct 26 16:53:39 CET 2008

Dear List,

I'm currently working on a project which involves GEM for the visual 
part. I would like to realize a scrolling image say from left to right 
where on the left side the edge is constantly fed with new rows of 
pixels. Ideally I would like to have everything on a texture so that it 
runs quick. I dug a bit into the help files about textures and got 
quickly the scrolling part working (see attached patch). Now I wonder 
how to feed the scrolling texture one one side with new rgb values. I 
found that there is a wrapper for the OpenGL command glCopyTexImage2D 
but I have no idea how to feed the 8 inlets with the appropriate 
arguments.  I have some knowledge about PD/GEM and a working knowledge 
about OpenGL. I just have difficulties to bring them together.

Any help and hints very much appreciated,



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