[PD] Script in osx

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 02:25:21 CET 2008

On 28 Oct 2008, at 4:21 AM, Gal Chris wrote:

> Hello
> somebody nows how tomake a script in OSX to load a PD patch  
> selecting a specific sound decive ( MOTU sound card) and 8  
> channells?....
> When I start PD manually it select by default the Imac soundcard so
> I have to select the device (MOTU) in media>portaudio manually ....
> I need to make a script with a especific configuration because is  
> for a sound installation

try something like:

/Applications/Pd.app/Contents/Resources/bin/pd -audiodev 2

depending of course on where your Pd is, and what it is called.

you could save that line in a .command file.

alternatively save the CL flags in your Pd startup preferences,  
remember to 'apply' then 'save all settings', then restart pd.

to find out which device numbers correspond to which audio devices  
use -listdev as a startup flag and look at the console output. To  
find out available startup flags, for more control of devices  
channels etc, try:

/Applications/Pd.app/Contents/Resources/bin/pd -help

in Terminal.

When all is set, make sure the MOTU is plugged in before Pd is  
started. 'Open at Login' in the dock can be useful if you want  
automated launch, as can 'restart after power failure' hidden away in  
in 'energy saver' preference panel


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