[PD] jmmmp Abstractions

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 31 18:19:39 CET 2008


thanks to IOhannes' help, I got the latest version of my abstractions in  
svn. You can acess them already through the nightly builds, or take them  
directly from my Pd page at http://puredata.info/Members/jmmmp.

This package has several small utilities that make coding a bit easier (at  
least for me). It is composed of the following abstractions:

clock - Chronometer with display in seconds
datei-o - Sends the message "open ../../"
datei-r - Sends the message "read ../../"
datei-w - Sends the message "write ../../"
dsp01 - DSP switch
f+ - Counter with variable increment
gui-edit - edit standard GUI objects fast
lbang - loadbang which can be triggered more often
liner~ - practical implementation of [line~]
liner~ - practical implementation of signal envelopping
mat~ - Level meter with amplitude control
maat~ - Level meter with amplitude control, stereo
met~ - Level meter with amplitude control (with VU, too CPU expensive for  
metrum - Metro with GUI
m-i - Automatic conversion of MIDI controller
mk - shows the controller number and MIDI value
oscD - Counts received OSC messages
oscS - Interface for sendOSC
pd-colors - Pd color palettes (Data Structures + Tcl/Tk)
rec-name - Automatic naming for a record/playback engine
sguigot - spigot GUI implementation
snaps~ - snapshot~ GUI implementation
stoppuhr - Chronometer with two layers
tastin - Gate for keyboard input
uhr - Shows the time

Have fun,

João Pais

Friedenstr. 58
10249 Berlin (Deutschland)
Tel +49 30 42020091 | Mob +49 162 6843570
jmmmpais at googlemail.com | skype: jmmmpjmmmp
IBM Thinkpad R51, XP, Ubuntu HH | Pd-Ext-0.40.3

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