[PD] pd <--> maxmsp compatibility

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Oct 31 20:04:20 CET 2008

Jo?o Pais hat gesagt: // Jo?o Pais wrote:

> Hallo Volker (seit Szombatehly),
> >i guess that the most recent pd-extended version from http://
> >puredata.info/downloads is what i should tell them to use in order to
> >get the most similar setup between max and pd, right?
> >are there any special "max<-->pd libraries" i should look out for?
> there's the cyclone library, which is a very good effort on making max  
> objects available on pd-Ext. besides that and the core objects, not too  
> much available, afaik.
> careful with mistake number 1: in Pd all objects are made for floats.  
> almost only [i] is for ints.

And the second number one mistake is execution order: In Pd, the order,
fanning connections fire, is basically undefined. In Max, connections
going right, fire first. So it's best to always use triggers, in Max, as

When I ported the RTClib from Max to Pd, converting implicit execution
ordering to explicit order using triggers was my main job.

And to the other question: Instead of uzi/kalashnikov, [until] is very
useful - just build some abstraction around [until] if you need to
count. But often you don't need it anyways


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