[PD] Fwd: Gem in Intrepid repo is broken [not resolved]

hans w. koch kochhw at netcologne.de
Tue Nov 11 14:08:17 CET 2008

sorry, too littel time today to try compiling.
but i would second max request, at least for a working gem in the  
intrepid repo.

Am 11.11.2008 um 13:15 schrieb Max:

> Am 11.11.2008 um 13:04 schrieb IOhannes m zmoelnig:
>> Max wrote:
>>> Am 11.11.2008 um 10:40 schrieb IOhannes m zmoelnig:
>>>> hans w. koch wrote:
>>>>> just tried that, no luck.
>>>>> upon opening the first gem-helpfile, pd segfaults.
>>>> by just opening the help-file or when clicking on the "create"  
>>>> button?
>>> neither. when you try to make an Gem object, so as soon as you  
>>> type gemwin and hit enter = crash.
>> interesting.
>> do you use ubuntu's Pd as well?
> yes.
>>> what can i contribute to solve either or both problems?
>> the first start would be to get a brand-new Gem from http://gem.iem.at 
>>  and compile it yourself.
> what i meant was to solve one of two general problems, not the one  
> on my individual machine (otherwise the subject would read:  
> compiling gem for intrepid).
> 1. the intrepid repository needs a working version of gem
> 2. the pd-extended build needs an intrepid repository
> max

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