[PD] tabwrite~ index parameter

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Nov 15 22:06:58 CET 2008

bsoisoi hat gesagt: // bsoisoi wrote:

> Why isn't tabwrite~ able to accept an index inlet (like [tabwrite]) at  
> audio rate?  

No idea, why it doesn't accept an explicit index, but there is an
invisible index always active: the current sample taken from the last
time the tabwrite~ was bang'ed adjusted by the block boundaries
(tabwrite~ is aligned to block boundaries). 

So what you can do is bang your tabwrite~ regularily with a metro (maybe
adjusted to block boundaries using [bang~]) and then let it record in a
loop. You can read from the table using tabread4~ as usual, but make
sure that you're not reading at the same point where you are writing, or
if you do, you should use order-forcing to get the minimal possible
delay times. Order forcing here works the same as order forcing with
delwrite~/delread~: Use two subpatches for writer and reader and keep
the writer ordered before the reader like in the G05.execution.order.pd


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