[PD] seq (cyclone) object help patch not working - for midi file playback

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Nov 17 13:31:34 CET 2008

Rua Haszard Morris hat gesagt: // Rua Haszard Morris wrote:

> Thanks for the link, although that just looks to be a video of
> someone playing with the help patch :)

I think, the [seq] object from Cyclone follows the Max seq object, so
you could look in the Max documentation from cycling74.com how it
works. AFAIK there is no Pd help patch.

> I am worried that I am trying to do something which is a bad idea -
> I want to use PD to trigger little MIDI loops, and potentially
> adjust the midi data on the way out, and/or change looping points at
> runtime (etc). Is there a better approach to do this in PD, or is
> [seq] the best way? Or is this something that noone does and I may
> find is less workable than I was hoping?
> I am compelled by the idea of generating the midi loops elsewhere in
> fully-featured sequencers, but utilising PD for
> interacting/triggering/looping/processing them in a more flexible
> manner than sequencers allow... I would be grateful for any
> suggestions.

One suggestion would be to convert the midi snippets to a textfile
that you can use either in [qlist] or with [textfile]. 

Attached is a simple example how to record and play back from a qlist.
qlists aren't very flexible, basically you can only change the tempo
and do rewinds, so you maybe want to build your own text file
sequencer with [textfile].

> I think it may simply be that midiout is not working too well for
> me, I will further investigate that. 
> Is it possible that not many people are using [midiout] either? 

That's possible: I prefer noteout and ctlout. ;)

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