[PD] osc on winXP

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Nov 19 09:15:03 CET 2008

Andrew Turley wrote:
> [dumpOSC] seems to require a port argument, otherwise it will not be
> created correctly. Thus, you need:
> [dumpOSC 9393]
> rather than just:
> [dumpOSC]
> Also, if you try to create a second instance of [dumpOSC] with the
> same port as an existing instance, the new instance will not be
> created.

this is a canned response:
please do not use the old OSCx externals (including [dumpOSC]) as they 
are known to be broken and only in Pd-extended for legacy reasons.
try mrpeach's [udpreceive]+[unpackOSC] instead which is likely to make 
you a happier human.


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