[PD] py and xsample in 0.40.3 extended under Linux

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 11:11:59 CET 2008

finally i took the binaries from 0.39 and places in the 0.40.3 extra 
folder, then i had to apt-get install python 2.4 as Ubuntu Hardy only 
has by default python 2.5. Everything seems to work fine so far.

still it would be nice to have at some point a more up to date version 
of the binaries included by default, i guess there are reasons for not 
having them currently.



altern(e)k dio:
> hi
> just a wish, i dont want to puch anybody... it would be great to have py 
> and xsample externals included in PD-extended 0.40.3 under Linux, like 
> they were in previous PD extended versions.
> I want to compile py, but first i need to compile flext. I started two 
> hours ago and i am not getting much closer to getting it done. It is not 
> so trivial to do. I do compile once in a while (jack, freebob and some 
> apps) but usually i find it easier than this. I keep trying...
> thanks anyway
> enrike

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