[PD] py and xsample in 0.40.3 extended under Linux

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 13:48:16 CET 2008

i just had another look and i found that comenting out
in the config-lnx-pd-gcc.txt solved it so now i could compile xsample 
and py and the seem to work fine.

nice, but the whole process requieres (in my opinon) a pretty good level 
of understanding linux and the compilation process and details. It would 
be nice if it was easier.

thanks! they are really useful externals


altern(e)k dio:
> hi thomas
> i decided to give it another go. i checked out the latest svn 
> flext/xsample and py sources.
> so i did
> $ apt-get install stk libstk0c2a libstk0-dev libsndobj2c2 libsndobj-dev
> then i run
> $ bash build.sh pd gcc
> then edited the linux file config-lnx-pd-gcc.txt
> i noticed i needed to have the pd source, i think i got it from the 
> pd-extended source. This is the content of config-lnx-pd-gcc.txt after 
> editing
> PDPATH=/usr/local/src/pd
> OUTPATH=pd-linux
> INSTPATH=/usr/lib/pd/extra
> STK_INC=/usr/include/stk
> STK_LIB=/usr/lib/libstk.a
> SNDOBJ_INC=/usr/include/SndObj
> SNDOBJ_LIB=/usr/lib/libsndobj.a
> #MFLAGS=-j 2
> UFLAGS=-msse -mfpmath=sse -ffast-math
> OFLAGS+=-march=pentium4
> the again and finally
> $ bash build.sh pd gcc
> $ bash build.sh pd gcc install
> it did not complain at all, then i tried to compile both py and xsample. 
>  All went ok but when i run PD it stays frozen exactly at the time of 
> loading those externals. I tried removing them from extra and PD was ok 
> again. Both of them cause the same behaviour. I guess some path or 
> option in the config file is wrong. Any ideas? I think something went 
> wrong because it did not install it properly as far as i can see. The 
> flext/build.sh is not anywhere in my file system but in the svn checkout 
> build directory. This directory is empty /usr/lib/flext but this file 
> does exist /usr/lib/libflext-pd.so
> Nice that i almost managed to get it done, but there should be a way to 
> make this process simpler
> Some ideas about the process:
>  i dont think this explanation in the docs could be a bit more elaborated
> "From a shell run
> bash ../flext/build.sh
> (you would have to substitute ../flext with the respective path to the 
> flext package)"
> i know it is stupid but it took me few minutes to realise i need to run 
> that script from the main folder of the code i want to compile. Also it 
> would be nice to have a description of the compilation flags. I know 
> this is printed by the script itself, but it is nice to know things 
> before they happen.
> It would be also nice not to have to find and edit the paths to all the 
> libraries (STK, SndObj), this is quite confusing specially because some 
> files names are not lowecase so initially i did not find them until i 
> noticed it (sndobj.h was SndObj.h). But i guess this has to do with the 
> autobuild you mentioned in your mail.
> thanks.
> enrike
> Thomas Grill(e)k dio:
>> Hi Enrike,
>> it would be good to know what your problems were with compiling flext 
>> or flext-based externals.
>> Did you start with the sources from svn.grrrr.org ?
>> Compiling works as documented, so that you run "sh 
>> your_path_to_flext/build.sh pd gcc", edit buildsys/config-*.txt as the 
>> console says... run again, and install as superuser. This is the same 
>> for flext and flext-based externals.
>> The reason that my stuff is not in the autobuild system is that noone 
>> has stepped in to help me with it (above all with the autoconf stuff). 
>> It seems to be pretty much working for unix, but not so much for Windows.
>> gr~~~
>> Am 20.11.2008 um 10:48 schrieb altern:
>>> hi
>>> just a wish, i dont want to puch anybody... it would be great to have py
>>> and xsample externals included in PD-extended 0.40.3 under Linux, like
>>> they were in previous PD extended versions.
>>> I want to compile py, but first i need to compile flext. I started two
>>> hours ago and i am not getting much closer to getting it done. It is not
>>> so trivial to do. I do compile once in a while (jack, freebob and some
>>> apps) but usually i find it easier than this. I keep trying...
>>> thanks anyway
>>> enrike
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