[PD] trigger: [t b 1 2]

Damian Stewart damian at frey.co.nz
Fri Nov 21 17:48:45 CET 2008


i find myself often repeating a construct like this:

[t b a]
|     |
[1 (  ...

now, the last time i was using Max, i noticed that Max's trigger object
allows you to go

[t 1 a]

and the left outlet will send out the number 1. or even:

[t reset a]

and the left outlet sends out the message 'reset'. this seems to me like an
extremely handy feature, so if it gets the blessings of the list(s) i'd
like to go and implement it and submit a patch.

what do folks think of this? i know there was some discussion a year or two
ago, talking about how you should only be using the 'bang' and 'anything'
keywords with trigger and not using it as a type-bashing object. not sure
what came of that though...

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