[PD] [polywavesynth] and [polygrainsynth] bug fix

hard off hard.off at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 07:35:39 CET 2008

yeah getting some quite lush sounds out of this polywavesynth now.  says its
only using 4% of my cpu as well, which is a bonus.  haven't tried the grain
one yet.

a couple of things:

1) the message box going into the sssadpanel currently contains
but the folder is actually [Example_Presets], my system doesn't work with
the change in capitalization.

2) it's hard to adjust the ADSR sliders at low values.  particularly for
attack, it is important to be able to choose values around 20ms or 50ms.  so
i think a log, or exponential scaling would be better for the ADSR sliders.

3) i had a look, and i can't figure out why, but it seems that the global
gain is still somehow affecting the sound further up the chain.  ie..when i
adjust the global gain, the attack of the sound is also changing.  still not
sure where this is coming from, but maybe something connected to the adsr?

4) would be nice to have more control over the amount of panning.

but yeah, there are lots of really good sounds possible with this, great
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