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Igor Medeiros igormpc at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 17:39:02 CET 2009

i really liked the sound of modcan vcdo, a 2-op FM in modular format:


on the modcan page:
*Phase locking the modulator with the carrier produces beat-free timbres
that retain spectral relationships over the entire frequency range.*
how can we do something similar with pd? or maybe i didnt find a good
example on that...

thx in advance

On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 9:50 AM, Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org> wrote:

> Hallo,
> hard off hat gesagt: // hard off wrote:
> > most of the stuff that operator synth does looks fairly straight-forward,
> > shouldn't be too hard to put together a basic pd clone.
> I had a quick look at the Live manual, where I found, that Operator is
> just a 4-op FM synth with some additional tweaks. A simple 4-op FM is on
> my January TODO list for the RjDj library anyway. In general FM is
> easy, but the more operators you have, the more you want to use
> [mtx_mul~] from Iemmatrix, but RjDj only has vanilla objects.
> > challenging bits will be the square and saw waves with variable numbers
> of
> > partials, but i think that will probably just be a case of [tabosc4~] and
> > making some tables with sinesum values.
> Or some summation formulas, but tabosc4~ is easier.
> > then that knob to alter the amount of aliasing, it could be using
> upsampling
> > and then lowpass filtering like the nord synths do, or like the 'classic
> > synth' example in pd's audio documentation.  but that approach quickly
> eats
> > up cpu....or else it could be using an adjustable bandlimiter, something
> > like the [blosc~ comparator] external, but with adjustability.  actually,
> > this function is the hardest one for me to think of a solution for.
> Yep, aliasing in FM always is tricky. It will be ignored for RjDj. ;(
> > the filters shouldn't be TOO hard, although to get a good lowpass, notch,
> > bandpass and highpass it might be best to dig through pd-extended's
> > externals.  for lowpass i usually use [resofilt~] bandpass vanilla's
> [vcf~]
> > is fine, although franks new resonz~ / resonr~ filters look super
> > promising.  for highpass, i prefer [svf~ high].  not sure about the notch
> > filter.
> I'm a bit proud of resonz~ and resonr~: In the end they look very
> simple, the hard part was digging J.O. Smith's Filter book. ;) I'll also
> do some version with signal inlets later.
> If anyone knows which transfer function would make a good 2 pole resonant
> lowpass filter (like lp2~ in Iemlib) I'd be super thankful.
> Ciao
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> Frank Barknecht
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