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Yes, Operator is a 4-op FM synth, with added bonuses of a variety of
different bandlimited saw and square waveforms as well as bitrate-reduced
sines, noise, and triangle waves.

The genius is in the interface. I've played with a lot of FM synths and
Operator is so quick and dirty to dive into that I'm hard pressed to use
anything else. Plus the envelope generators are very tactile and fun to play
with. I did try to make a Pd clone of it a few years ago but ended up
purchasing the license instead (worth it).

Unfortunately it would most likely be difficult to recreate the fluidity of
the interface in Pd, since it is coded and compiled in C++ and has very
efficient GUI rendering.


On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 6:50 AM, Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org> wrote:

> Hallo,
> hard off hat gesagt: // hard off wrote:
> > most of the stuff that operator synth does looks fairly straight-forward,
> > shouldn't be too hard to put together a basic pd clone.
> I had a quick look at the Live manual, where I found, that Operator is
> just a 4-op FM synth with some additional tweaks. A simple 4-op FM is on
> my January TODO list for the RjDj library anyway. In general FM is
> easy, but the more operators you have, the more you want to use
> [mtx_mul~] from Iemmatrix, but RjDj only has vanilla objects.
> > challenging bits will be the square and saw waves with variable numbers
> of
> > partials, but i think that will probably just be a case of [tabosc4~] and
> > making some tables with sinesum values.
> Or some summation formulas, but tabosc4~ is easier.
> > then that knob to alter the amount of aliasing, it could be using
> upsampling
> > and then lowpass filtering like the nord synths do, or like the 'classic
> > synth' example in pd's audio documentation.  but that approach quickly
> eats
> > up cpu....or else it could be using an adjustable bandlimiter, something
> > like the [blosc~ comparator] external, but with adjustability.  actually,
> > this function is the hardest one for me to think of a solution for.
> Yep, aliasing in FM always is tricky. It will be ignored for RjDj. ;(
> > the filters shouldn't be TOO hard, although to get a good lowpass, notch,
> > bandpass and highpass it might be best to dig through pd-extended's
> > externals.  for lowpass i usually use [resofilt~] bandpass vanilla's
> [vcf~]
> > is fine, although franks new resonz~ / resonr~ filters look super
> > promising.  for highpass, i prefer [svf~ high].  not sure about the notch
> > filter.
> I'm a bit proud of resonz~ and resonr~: In the end they look very
> simple, the hard part was digging J.O. Smith's Filter book. ;) I'll also
> do some version with signal inlets later.
> If anyone knows which transfer function would make a good 2 pole resonant
> lowpass filter (like lp2~ in Iemlib) I'd be super thankful.
> Ciao
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> Frank Barknecht
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