[PD] Ubuntu vs. ubuntustudio?

PSPunch shima at pspunch.com
Sun Jan 4 01:56:33 CET 2009

> What do you think might be the better approach, to use ubuntu normal, or  
> ubuntustudio? Roman told me that for a while there's no big difference,  
> because the -rt kernel comes with ubuntu. Is ubuntustudio more than a  
> bundle of software with nice backgrounds? (Note: I'll use the same setup  
> on both computers, so the system should work on 64 and 32b).

As far as I know, "Studio" is just plain Ubuntu that comes with a set of 
software relevant to audio & video.
As a matter of fact, installing the "studio (or a name of that sort)" 
meta package on plain Ubuntu is the same as starting out with a "studio" 
installation CD/DVD.

Probably it is just the matter of preference in images used for the 
startup screen and the default wall paper.

David Shimamoto

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