[PD] left mouse click abuse

y yvan.pd at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 13:38:30 CET 2009

Chris McCormick wrote:
> Hi Miller,
> I'm really digging the direction this is going. If I could just chip my
> 2c into the fray: I have to agree with Frank that being able to select a
> tower of object boxes and then click a key combination to connect them
> by patch cords would be useful, as would a keystroke to auto-space
> things horizontally or vertically. I also agree with Tim that Blender's
> same-key select/deselect toggle feels very natural. I would vote for
> ctrl-A both selecting all and deselecting all.
> If I recall, there was a neat video posted ages back, probably by Chun
> or Matju, which illustrated some of the cool UI stuff possible in Max
> with some plugin. Sorry to be so vague, I can't remember the link. Maybe
> one of those guys could post it again?

I guess you're talking about this:



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