[PD] Consistency Problem - OS X[intel] - when modifying Abstractions

Luigi Rensinghoff luigi.rensinghoff at freenet.de
Mon Jan 5 11:06:04 CET 2009

Hi List,

I notice a bug, thats coming back on OS X PD-extended. The occurs when  
i change an Abstraction, but not the original, but an active  
"instance" of a patch.

Fpr example i have many instances of the same abstraction encapsulated  
in other abstractions.

While patching i decide to change something - for example add an  
outlet - i open the instance change it and try to save it.

PD seems to update all occurring abstractions and meanwhile the  
"parent-window" seems to disappear and it is not possible to save the  
patch anymore...

I have to force quit PD after that. Strangely enough the change is  
saved in the abstraction..... but of course it is totally annoying for  
the workflow.

I think i had this issue before and it disappeared in a more recent  
release of PD-Extended for OS-X Intel....

I am sorry i cannot post an example patch right now, maybe tonight...

For now i would like to ask if anybody is having the same  
problem....and how to fix it, or maybe knows under which "subject" it  
might have been saved in the archive..

All the Best and a Happy New Year


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