[PD] array-edit: Array editor patch

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 5 13:41:14 CET 2009

>> after noticing I had all these tricks on how to edit arrays stored in
>> separate patches, I decided to centralize them. The result is the  
>> present
>> patch, which works around the same way as the gui-edit patch you might
>> already know (folder extra/jmmmp). To use it, you need Pd-Extended.
> This is really useful! It would be really great if there was an
> accompanying BPF editor implemented with data structures as a more
> intuitive/visual interface for doing bezier curves etc. .. but I guess
> that's another project ;-)

I'm not so fit with data structures yet - only worked with the horizontal  
ones. but that would be a long-term idea, yes.

>> With this patch you can do basic tasks to arrays:
>> - rename, resize, normalize, check values, ...
>> - control the appearance of the arrays
>> Or draw more complex waveforms with 2 different methods:
>> - by defining the waves through breakpoints
>> - by defining the waves through a formula
>> The patch will be part of the jmmmp abstraction's folder by Pd-Extended.
>> If you have any suggestions, tell me about it.
> I've attached an collection of abstractions I sometimes use for
> table-based functions. It's *very* old, actually it was one of the first
> things I did when I moved from Csound to Pd some 5 years ago!
> Anyhow, you might be able to suck a few ideas out of it. Particularly
> the power and 'super power' curves[*], which can be used for 'equal
> power' panning and cross-fades.
> [*] I think the the formula came from
> http://www.csounds.com/ezine/autumn1999/beginners/

ah, I also have to go back to my csound book at some point, and tryout  
some material of it in pd. (I still remember the csound ezines as well)
great, panning functions is another specific area that I was going to look  
into (when had time). I'll adopt these to my patch as soon as I can  
(cannot predict yet). If you think I'm taking too long, them remeber me.

Btw, if anyone sends any material, put your name on it. then I can write  
it on the finished patch.

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