[PD] left mouse click abuse

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Jan 6 00:24:47 CET 2009

On Mon, 5 Jan 2009, Jamie Bullock wrote:

> Keep It Simple Stupid!

Oh, everybody agrees on this, they just don't agree on what simplicity is 
and how to achieve it.

> Furthermore, you could also extend Ctrl+Return, making it the shortcut
> for connecting already instantiated objects. I.e if we select (with the
> mouse):

My idea was that Ctrl+Return would be a key binding of a box being edited, 
not of the canvas, so you wouldn't be able to just select objects and 
press Ctrl+Return. I suppose, Ctrl+Return could also be bound to the 
canvas, but in that case, the origin of the choice of Ctrl+Return is 
meaningless (it's supposed to be a variation on the Return binding of a 
box being edited)

> ... and hit Ctrl+Return we get the outlets of the message boxes
> connected to the left inlet of [f ].

But Chun already did this in a different way which also works for 
connecting to several objects at once and allows to choose the outlet 
number and inlet number.

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