[PD] issues installing pd-ext on ubuntu intrepid 868

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Jan 6 16:47:19 CET 2009

Jo?o Pais hat gesagt: // Jo?o Pais wrote:

> > Here Pd runs just fine with 8.5. Are you sure that version is the
> > version you have just compiled and not an older version lying around?
> > Check with "ls -l".
> I have no other versions around, this system is quite new. I just downloaded
> the night build from 05-01.

Ah, is the night-*build* maybe a binary? Sorry, I don't run these
myself. If you have installed a binary, then indeed you need to install
the matching tcl/tk packages for that build. However than you normally
do not need the -dev packages. Normally the dependency checks of a
Debian package take care of that, so I guess something is not right
somewhere. :(


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