[PD] Seamless recording of 2 consecutive audio files?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Jan 7 09:45:51 CET 2009

Peter Plessas hat gesagt: // Peter Plessas wrote:
>> i somehow assumed, that [writesf~] doesn't use scheduled messages...
> I always thought that Pd would execute messages in between audio blocks.  
> So if i sent two messages (stop old file, start new file), i expected  
> them to happen in a gap between two blocks, hence gapless recorded files  
> possible. Franks demonstration shows that i have to explicitly time  
> those messages according to a block~ (or equivalent) in order to get  
> this behavior. Still all blurry to me, let's look on!

Acutally I found that my patch also works without explicit block
timing: Just replace the [pd blockbang~] subpatch with [bang] and see
for yourself. However it fails if you try to record less than one

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