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Thu Jan 8 06:35:55 CET 2009

click remover in the "practical sense" of the meaning work quite  
well. as practical meaning I refer to what is written here


10 years ago we spent fortunes for cedar hardware processors (which  
did and do an incredible good job). what is difficult is the  
difference between "wanted" transients" like very short sounding  
percussion and "discontinuities" like unexpected jumps in level,  
waveform etc. In order to make the difference it takes complex   
analysis processes that determine tempo so that "musically logical  
discontinuities" are untouched - even if they're not metronomically  

Low-pass cannot do the job because the "click" is typically broadband  
- but you're right, we may perceive a click as high frequency. In  
this regard, the process would identify a 20 kHz saw tooth as  
musically correct because it is periodic. clicks are not.


On Jan 8, 2009, at 10:31 AM, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:

> On Wed, 7 Jan 2009, Charles Henry wrote:
>> Wait... you said discontinuities.  I've got something that takes  
>> out impulses...
>> A low-pass filter should do a reasonable smoothing, but it would take
>> a lot away from the signal, in the other spots.
> In the discrete domain, a loud very-high-frequency tone is  
> indistinguishable from a sequence of discontinuities.
> So, what is it that people are calling a "discontinuity" in this  
> thread?
> If discontinuities are so hard to remove, it's because they don't  
> correspond to anything in objective reality. It's all in the mind.
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