[PD] Hiding bits of the subpatch

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Sun Jan 11 00:52:03 CET 2009

Hey Pders,

Luke's recent data structures gui posts inspired me to take another look
at what is for me the holy grail of GOP guis in Pd - hiding bits of the
gui selectively, so you can make simple looking guis which expand out to
show more complicated options at the user's behest.

Attached is a patch that gets this to work through what appears to be a
weird bug in the interaction between Pd and tcl/tk and some
internal-message jiggery. Anyway, enough yammering, see the attached
patch. Click 'show_hide' to show and hide the number box on the right.
You can use the numberbox on the left to slowly slide the gui in and out
to see it working slowly. For some reason this only works if you use a
[line] to slowly change the size of the GOP, otherwise nothing gets
hidden. Well, that is if it works at all for you.



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