[PD] Hiding bits of the subpatch

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sun Jan 11 01:01:48 CET 2009

Very cool!  I like the [line] on it.  Try throwing in one of the  
mapping curves like sigmoid_seat for a more natural feel ;)


On Jan 10, 2009, at 6:52 PM, Chris McCormick wrote:

> Hey Pders,
> Luke's recent data structures gui posts inspired me to take another  
> look
> at what is for me the holy grail of GOP guis in Pd - hiding bits of  
> the
> gui selectively, so you can make simple looking guis which expand  
> out to
> show more complicated options at the user's behest.
> Attached is a patch that gets this to work through what appears to  
> be a
> weird bug in the interaction between Pd and tcl/tk and some
> internal-message jiggery. Anyway, enough yammering, see the attached
> patch. Click 'show_hide' to show and hide the number box on the right.
> You can use the numberbox on the left to slowly slide the gui in and  
> out
> to see it working slowly. For some reason this only works if you use a
> [line] to slowly change the size of the GOP, otherwise nothing gets
> hidden. Well, that is if it works at all for you.
> Best,
> Chris.
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