[PD] logical timing question

Peter Plessas plessas at mur.at
Sun Jan 11 18:28:38 CET 2009

Claude Heiland-Allen wrote:
> Peter Plessas wrote:
>> Thanks for the discussion Roman,
>> see below
>> Roman Haefeli wrote:
>>> while not being 100% sure, what frank meant with the other timing
>>> domain, i guess, he meant all the messages, that are not initiated by
>>> [metro]/[delay]/[pipe] and co. this would be messages from:
>>> - the guis and clicks on message boxes
>>> - networking objects [netreceive]/[tcpreceive] etc.
>>> - [hid] / [comport] / [arduino] / [wiimote]
>>> - [cltin] / [notein] / [midiin] etc.
>>> - probably more
>>> all those messages lack the extra timing information and thus are
>>> executed only at block boundaries. 
> That's the adc~/dac~ block boundaries, so...

Wow Claude, that explains it. Wonderful indeed. So the logical timing of 
externally triggered objects, those who don't show a predetermined 
behavior like a [del 0.3] is dependent on the adc/dac block boundaries.

Thanks for calculating the [timer] output into multiples of eight blocks 
for me!


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