[PD] Chicago Patching Circle (Sunday, December 14th)

ben baker-smith bbakersmith at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 18:36:14 CET 2009

I just moved to Chicago and would love an opportunity to connect with
some other PD users in the area.  I don't have all of my gear here yet
so I wouldn't be able to collaborate on a show for at least a couple
months, but I would still like to hash out some ideas and see what
other Chicago folks are working on.  Formal or informal, I think the
important thing is that we meet.  We don't need to get hung up on
putting on a show right away.

Anyway, count me in.

>I could still meet informally on the 18th.

>I'd also like to recommend a meet up location different than a bar, at least
>for future meetings.

>Rumble Arts Center, in Humbolt Park, offers affordable meeting space. I
>spoke with the person in charge and she said she usually they charge $50 to
>rent a meeting space, but that it was negotiable. They offer a lot of
>community-based classes, so maybe even some sort of Pd workshop could become
>part of their offerings, and we could get in on that.

>I'm going to set up a more formal time to talk with her, so if I could get a
>vague notion of how many people we could get in February as well as a more
>concrete date and time, I could hammer something out.


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