[PD] logical timing question

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Jan 11 18:42:31 CET 2009

Peter Plessas hat gesagt: // Peter Plessas wrote:

> I understand you mean "Pd has two times", the first one being the 
> sub-samply accuracy of clock-delayed objects like [delay].
> (I exclude metro from this group since it has the hard-coded limit of 
> integer msec values).

[metro] has a hardcoded lower limit, but it is not limited to integer
values, it works fine with real floats like 133.3333

> What would be the other "timing" then?

The other are messages that don't originate in a clock (and still
another kind are messages from the outside world.) Clicking on a GUI
object for example does not generate a clock-delayed message.


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