[PD] developer needed for puredata on Gumstix project

duncan duncan.kleindesign at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 16:30:31 CET 2009

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My name is Duncan Speakman and I'm an artist based in Bristol (UK). I'm
currently working on a funded project to develop a small portable device
capable of realtime audio processing from a live input, possibly responding
to additional data such as GPS, bluetooth etc.  At present I'm thinking that
running pd on gumstix is going to be the best solution (but I'm open to
suggestions), and I'm looking for a developer to help make this happen.
Ideally you'd have experience of pd and of running linux on small/embedded
platforms. I have lots of experience of working with locative technology and
developing MAX/MSP, so you could say I can talk the talk but not really walk
the walk for this project.
This is a paid commission but I am looking for someone who can collaborate
creatively and effectively, timescale is basically now until April,
worktimes subject to  your availability. Please get in touch if you can help
(or can recommend someone), ideally based in the south west of England but
I'm open to longer distance working relationships!
If you want to see the kind of work I make please visit

thanks for reading.



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