[PD] change of start-stop positions in [susloop~]

Marko Timlin susi at timlin.de
Thu Jan 15 09:57:34 CET 2009

Hi Ben, hi pd-list
I just studied Ben's [susloop~] object and I have one questions.
How is it possible to change the start and stop position of a soundfile in loop mode without getting audible audio clicks. How can you do that?

I'm just developing my own soundfile-player and I have the problem that whenever I change the start and/or stop position in real-time I get a short audible audio click whenever [tabread4~] "jumps" to the new position.
In my patch [phasor~] is multiplied with the amount of samples the soundfile has and reads like that through the soundfile using [tabread4~].

I would highly appreciate any kind of advice or suggestion.


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