[PD] Drawing arrays in PD

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 15 13:25:32 CET 2009

it could be done in pd using datastructures - but for that you should ask  
to the people who know how to work with them.

I don't know if eg. Processing might have some modules for that. I know  
that you can do that with some csound compositional assistance programs  
(blue? cecilia? look in csounds.com). they export for text, because csound  
works with text - but then the information has to be "converted" to pd  
format (which shouldn't be hard to do).

I would advise to stay in pd, unless the gui part is really important. in  
that case maybe processing, but I'm making up as I go now. better ask some  
of the pros here, who also know all about data structures.

> Well, something like this:
> Create and move freely the points that form the "broken line" (even  
> though
> it looks smooth) with the mouse by clicking in a nice GUI with many  
> visual
> and data handling options and functions (zoom, colors, cut-copy-paste,  
> undo
> are just a few that come to my mind rapidly).
> Also with the mouse, set the smoothness factor of each point (that would
> affect the concavity of the adjacent lines).
> By double clicking in a point, an exact value of coordinates could be
> entered by text.
> In addition, it could have a text-based-point-creation control panel,  
> where
> could be set the coordinates where the point will be created.
> Finally, a "export to text file" function with selectable resolution.  
> (May
> be a "send to PD + "arrayname"" would be ok too)
> This is what comes to my mind. May be it's too much. Should I try to  
> build
> this in PD or I should use another language? In that case, which one?

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