[PD] issues installing pd-ext on ubuntu intrepid 868

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 15 17:38:35 CET 2009

> There are lots of docs for all this stuff here:
> http://puredata.info/docs/developer

yes, but a bit too many (and none is called "how to sucessfully compile  
pd-ext in intrepid 64b").

I installed the hundreds of Mbs of packages described in  
http://puredata.info/docs/developer/Debian (Intrepid 64b here).
After I went to http://puredata.info/docs/developer/GettingPdSource and  
tried the rsync -av --delete rsync://  
pd-extended/ thing, which didn't do much more than nothing else after  
downloading 100Kb of data.

Anyway I don't know if it should be necessary to mirror the whole cvs,  
neither am I interested in keeping that around. Shouldn't it be enough to  
download one of the night builds? I'm also not interested in building a  
.deb installation file, just want to put pd in my system.

I went again to the src folder of the latest nightbuild  
and did the ./configure + sudo make install ritual. After installing and  
tried to run pd, the result is - surprisingly (or not...) - the same as  
before: "error while loading shared libraries: libtk8.4.so.0: cannot open  
shared object file: No such file or directory".

[a note: as the final result is the same, maybe it wasn't really necessary  
to install all the packages described before. at least I didn't notice any  
difference during the make/install process]

In case it's important to look at the results of what I just described,  
they're in http://pastebin.com/m43402a32.

> INSTALL.txt is only easily modifyable by Miller, since it is part of
> pd-vanilla.  That chunk of the website is a wiki, so anyone can
> contribute.
> Also, Pd-extended 0.40.3 doesn't work well with Tcl/Tk 8.5, there are
> some display issues.  So stick with tcl84 for Pd-extended for now.
> Part of the current pd-devel effort is to make things work well on Tcl
> 8.5.

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