[PD] Maximum length of sysex messages?

Alex x37v.alex at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 00:08:45 CET 2009

I made a little test which I've attached.

With alsa I can receive a maximum sysex message of 98 data bytes [100
total including the start and end].  I've tried this with a hardware
loopback (plugging my output into my input) and using a virtual

With the default midi [portaudio?] I can receive 128 data bytes [130 total].

I've attached my test patch [it requires a counter that I've also attached].

Any idea where these limits are set?


On 1/16/09, Alex <x37v.alex at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am trying to get a sysex dump into pd, this dump is 226 bytes long.
>  I use alsa for midi.  I'm using pd 0.41.4.
>  I am able to send the sysex data from pd to my device, and the device
>  sends the data back [I can verify the dump with amidi] but once I
>  connect my device's output to pd.. I don't see the data in pd
>  [sysexin] or [midiin]
>  I've also tried initiating the dump from the device itself (a
>  synthesizer), I get the same results.. amidi -d will show it but I
>  don't see the data on pd's [midiin] or [sysexin] inputs once I connect
>  the device to pd.
>  So my question is: is anyone aware of a hard coded limit for the length of sysex
>  messages in pd?  I'd like to increase this limit if possible..
>  Thanks,
> Alex
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