[PD] windows pb with pixvideoDS

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Jan 17 11:48:24 CET 2009

t'es in t'es bat wrote:
> Hello,
> i build a machine to do multiscreen with Gem.
> I use a2 matrox gs450 quad
> Everythings work fine but...
> When i start pd and gem i got this error message in console:
> [pix_videoDS]: Dev 0: USB 2861 Device
> [pix_videoDS]: Dev 0: USB 2861 Device
> GEM: Stop rendering

are you telling [gemwin] to stop rendering to create this? (else it
would be weird)

> GLEW version 1.5.0
> GEM: Start rendering
> GL: invalid enumerant
> and at this point a windows message says:
> pd.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.
> We are sorry for the inconvenience.

the error does not say very much. probably it is crashing before pd-gui
can show more errors.
try starting pd.com with the "-stderr" flag from the commandline and see
whether you get more errors.
also try to increase the verbosity of Pd by adding "-verbose".

something like:
%PROGRAM_FILES%\pd\bin\pd.com -stderr -verbose -verbose
should do the trick

> error signiature:
> AppName: pd.exe     AppVer:     ModName: unknown
> ModVer:     Offset: 00000000
> Before installing the matrox driver it works....
> i try to uninstall all the matrox utilities, without success
> any ideas ????

not really.
anyhow, it would be interesting to know:
- windows version
- Pd version
- Gem version
- camera you are using

finally: try to narrow down the problem, either by going top down
(delete parts of your patch until it doesn't crash any more, and see
which (combination of) object(s) is the culprit) or bottom up (does Gem
work at all after the upgrade? e.g. try the example patches)


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